Age & Weight Divisions

Questions about your wrestler's age and weight division this year? Here's a handy PDF from USA Wrestling that should help you out!




Online Registration

How to Register for 2019 ABC Wrestling Season

Step 1

Create/update your USA Wrestling account and

purchase 2019 USAW Membership

Click the USA Wrestling Membership link highlighted in blue below to access the USA Wrestling Membership site. Once there, follow the site's instructions to purchase/renew your wrestler's USA Wrestling Card.

ALL WRESTLERS will need a CURRENT card for the 2019 season .

Please print your wrestler's card and bring it with you to prctice and all tournaments!, You cannot complete the rest of the registration, practice or compete without it! If an offical asks for it you must be able to show it. ,

Once you have completed Step 1 and have printed your USA wrestling card number, come back to our website and finish steps 2 & 3 at the bottom of this page.

**All three steps on this page need to be finished in order to complete your registration with the Alaska Battlecats.**

Online Registration, Continued...
  • Step 1

    Purchase and document your wrestlers Wrestling USA number through the link above. Then, continue to step 2 below.

    • Step 2

      Go to the Alaska Battlecats Website and click the "Member Login" tab in the upper right corner of our web page. If you don't have an existing Bonzi account with the Battlecats, please follow the steps to create one.

      • Step 3

        Once you've created your Bonzi account and/or logged in to your existing account, you can now finish registering your wrestler. Make sure to fill out each area of the form completely, using the same information you noted when purchasing or renewing your wrestler's Wrestling USA card.

        • Step 4

          Once your registration is complete and you've received your confirmation email, please print and sign the waiver located on the upper left of this page, under "FORMS." Please bring the signed waiver to the first day of practice each season.

            If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

            Questions about online registration?

            You can contact us and we can help!