Frequently Asked Questions
Posted Oct 3, 2014
  • What does my son/daughter need wear to practice/tournaments? 
  • Answer: shorts and a T-shirt are fine. Your child will need to wear wrestling shoes when on the mats at every practice, and wear headgear when they are practicing "live" or when competing at tournaments. When competing, your child will need to wear a singlet. Singlets are available for checkout or for purchase through the Battlecats Apparel Store (when available), online or at a local retailer. 
  • How long and how often are the tournaments, and does my child have to go to all of them?  
  • Answer: The tournaments are typically held every Saturday. Some clubs host 2 day tournaments that include more than one style of wrestling, and are usually held on both the Friday and Saturday of that weekend. Some tournaments are hosted out of town. Your child is not required to attend any or all of the tournaments; but we encourage all of the wrestlers to go to as many as they are comfortable with. The younger wrestlers compete in the morning, with the older kids starting in the afternoon. Please click on the "Schedules" tab and then look under "Tournament Schedules" and click on the link to get a better idea of when and where they will be held and how many you would like your child to compete in. 
  • Do I get a refund if my child becomes sick or we can't attend a tournament that we've paid for?
  •  Answer: Not with cash, but we will try to work it out with you by extending that payment to another tournament, etc.